Make Space in Your Home with Movable Furniture

Akıllı Mobilya İle Evinizde Yer Açın

As in every sector, new designs that make life easier began to emerge in the furniture sector day by day. These designs were differentiated and brought to a better position so quickly that the trend products of the previous season became undesirable to be preferred in today's developments.

The most popular of these will undoubtedly be movable furniture, which we can call smart furniture system. As the Modamob brand, we strive to continue improving ourselves every day to provide you with this system in the highest quality. We aim to create a large and spacious space for you thanks to the smart furniture system. So, what is this movable furniture system we have and where can it be used?

What is a Movable Furniture System?

Movable furniture, a system that many of us are perhaps unfamiliar with, actually represents a system used worldwide. It is an indispensable innovation for those who are looking for smart solutions at home. It is a system that is offered to those who are looking for elegance and want to make the best use of space, especially in small houses.

Where is Movable Furniture Used?

The usage areas of mobile furniture with smart systems are very wide. Especially places such as hotels, offices, dormitories and homes can be said to be the places where this system is most used.

If we consider the use of our own manufactured furniture, especially for a home;

  • double wall bed,
  • single wall bed,
  • Practical ironing board,
  • Practical dining table,

bunk bed etc. We offer you the opportunity to use it in many different areas.

What are the Advantages of Using Movable Furniture?

The movable furniture system, which first started abroad and has been produced and sold in our country for a while, has gradually become widespread. Of course, there are many different advantages of this system. To list the most important advantages;

Imagine you have a small house. In this small house, your space is limited and you have a lot of things to fit. Thanks to the folding wall beds of our brand, you will be able to provide the comfort of both a bed and a desk in your room. In this way, you will have the products you want in your living space and save space.

Nowadays, buying a bed and a bookshelf or desk separately may put you in some financial difficulty. Thanks to our movable furniture, you will be able to meet all of your requests at the most affordable prices.

We aim to provide you with the comfort you need with the double, single or bunk bed options we offer.

How Can I Own It?

We continue to serve you in our production centers in different cities, with our main center being Bursa. We offer affordable and high-quality shopping, as well as fast delivery and easy installation. We do not have service in the cities where you live and if you want to benefit from our service, you can get information by contacting us via our e-mail address

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