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Double Wall Beds

  • ISTANBUL Double Hidden Swivel Bed with TV Unit
  • duvar yatağı
    RIVA Horizontal Extendable Double Wall Bed with Table and Cabinet
  • Nora çift kişilik yatay açılır dolaplı duvar yatağı
    NORA Double Horizontal Wall Bed with Extending Cabinet
  • CRYSTAL SET Double Vertical Hidden Wall Bed + Library + Three-Seat Sofa + Two-Door Wardrobe and Transitional Shelf
  • CRYSTAL Double Vertical Extendable Wall Bed + Library and Three-Piece Sofa
  • NORA SET Double Hidden Wall Bed Cabinet + Two-Seat Sofa + Wardrobe with Two Drawers and Wardrobe
  • NORA Double Vertical Opening Wall Bed Cabinet and Loveseat
  • RIVA Double Vertical Extendable Wall Bed
  • RIVA Double Vertical Hidden Wall Bed with Extendable Table
  • RIVA Double Horizontal Extendable Hidden Wall Bed

Nowadays, living spaces are getting smaller and you should evaluate different ideas in order to use these spaces in the most efficient way. Especially, you will prefer it both as a bed and as a table. smart furniture It helps you make space in your living spaces. When choosing among double-person products, you can make your choice by looking at the features of the products. Double products have the ability to be both a wardrobe and a bed, and are offered for sale with easy installation and user-friendly features.

Double Product Groups and Features

You can use your television showcase as both a bed and a showcase. When you take a look at the double product groups that you can use without damaging your television, you can see that they have both stylish and useful features. Double products, which have features that you would not recognize as beds when viewed from the outside, are candidates to be among the indispensable parts of small living spaces today.

When we look at the products and features preferred by more and more people, we see that the following details stand out. Our models, which you can use as a living room during the day and a bedroom at night, are produced in desired sizes. You can ensure more effective and functional use of your living spaces thanks to the double-bedroom products that look like a living room or lounge when viewed from the outside. By choosing our company, you can buy whatever you want among single and double product groups at affordable prices.

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