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We ship all over Turkey and can export to 165 countries.

Definitely! It offers the comfort of sleeping on a standard quality bed.

Our mechanism system is effortless to use. It is counterbalanced to prevent the bed from falling unexpectedly. You can open or close it with one finger.

Yes, we can produce special sizes if you let us know the dimensions of your existing mattress when ordering.

Of course, we offer a belt system to keep the mattress, duvet and pillows stable when your bed is in the closed position. You can open it and use it immediately.

No, our products are modular systems. Thanks to the Minifit fasteners, you will not experience any problems even if it is disassembled and installed many times.

The wooden parts of the products are guaranteed for 5 years, and the mechanism systems are guaranteed for 10 years. Depending on the frequency of use, shock absorbers may need to be replaced every 7-8 years. The cost is 100 TL.

The wooden parts are Starwood brand, complying with European Union quality standards. It is melamine chipboard. Mechanism systems are 5 mm laser cut sheet metal, bed frame is 30×501.5 mm box profile.

Production is available with different materials and materials upon request.

Yes, we can produce different color alternatives and special sizes upon request.

The products are fixed to the wall during installation. It does not pose any extra risk.

Yes, the products definitely need to be mounted on the wall. Otherwise, no liability will be accepted for any problems that may arise.

Shock absorber mechanisms provide the opening and closing of the bed module. The bearing cover will not open unless a force is applied using arm strength.

 Yes, you can request drawing service.

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