Single Wall Bed

single wall bed Thanks to its practical use, you can use it in your child's room or in your relaxation area at work.

Single Smart Wall Bed Features:

  1. Thanks to its ability to open in vertical or horizontal positions, you can choose a smart bed that suits the area you are considering for your home or workplace.
  2. You can find many different types of single movable beds, which are mostly preferred for children's and teenagers' rooms. You can also contact us to adjust the size according to your needs.
  3. Thanks to its multi-purpose functional structure, you can use it as a desk during the day and use it as your child's bed at night. Of course, you can also choose this in your workplace, you can create a comfortable rest area thanks to the smart wall bed.
  4. We have special designs for boys or girls. You can customize the movable single bed you will buy by contacting us.
  5. In our two-sided smart beds, you can use one side as a shelf and the other as a bookcase, however, thanks to its movable system, you can hide the middle part of the bed or use it in different ways.
  6. You can also use the smart beds you choose in the living room as a television unit or seating area.

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