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Single Person Bed Mechanisms

  • Single Horizontal Extendable Wall Bed Mechanism
  • Single Person Horizontal Wall Bed Mechanism with Extendable Table
  • Single Vertical Extendable Wall Bed Mechanism
  • Single Person Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism with Extendable Table

Those who want to shrink their living spaces and use their living spaces more spaciously want to realize these wishes with functional movable furniture or wall beds. In order to meet this need, our company has completed its R&D and infrastructure work and offered wall beds and wall bed mechanisms for sale. Furniture manufacturers can meet these needs of their customers by producing wall beds from our company, benefiting from all our knowledge and experience. Your furniture, which is a desk and a bookcase when closed, can be turned into a bed unit whenever you want, without collecting your work items on the desk.

wall bed mechanisms are on sale with single and double options

When we look at the mechanisms and their features, the following details stand out. When we look at single and double mechanism models, you can examine many models with different features and functions, from horizontal and vertical models, and place your orders by getting information about the products on our website. You can serve your customers who want to use their living spaces in a more functional way with single and double bunk beds offered for sale with wall-folding bunk bed mechanisms, table and straight options.

You can use it safely in your living spaces with its durable feature.

These products, which offer long-term use, are produced by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by today's technology. These products, which you will choose for your child or to make space in your room, have recently become among the indispensable options of many designers. You can ensure more functional use of your living spaces with the wall bed mechanisms with various features that we offer with corporate service quality.

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