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  • Wooden Case Wall Bed Mechanism (Opening and Closing Scissors)
  • Wall Bed Mechanism with Wooden Case (Set)
  • Wooden Case Wall Bed Mechanism + Leg
  • Single Horizontal Extendable Wall Bed Mechanism
  • Single Person Horizontal Wall Bed Mechanism with Extendable Table
  • Single Vertical Extendable Wall Bed Mechanism
  • Single Person Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism with Extendable Table
  • Double Horizontal Extendable Wall Bed Mechanism
  • Double Horizontal Wall Bed Mechanism with Extendable Table
  • Double Vertical Extendable Wall Bed Mechanism
  • Double Vertical Wall Bed Mechanism with Extendable Table
  • Wall Bed Mechanism with Bunk Bed Table
  • Bunk Bed Wall Bed Mechanism
  • Çift Açılır Pratik Masa Mekanizması
    Double Opening Practical Table Mechanism
  • Single Opening Practical Table Mechanism

Used in bed and sofa models, which are indispensable items in homes. mechanisms It increases the functional properties of the products. Sofa bed and sofa models, which have the feature of being a bed, are diversified according to their mechanism system. 

The more robust the mechanism system used in folding bed types, the more the quality and ease of use of the product increases. Most of the bed types used in places such as wooden houses or hotels are products with mechanisms and folding features.

Mechanical Seats

Mechanical seat models are among the most preferred products. It can be turned into bed form whenever desired and double It can be a bed. These are the most suitable sofa models for guests or those living alone. The products using the mechanism system are as follows.

  • folding beds,
  • Seat types,
  • Sofa bed types,
  • Practical and foldable, table and bed types,

You can choose mechanism sofa models so that you do not have difficulty in arranging a place to sleep for your guests in your home. Nowadays, it is preferred in living spaces such as home offices, caravans and container houses.

Mechanism Bed Advantages

The seats, which provide comfort when sitting, have a mechanism and a special pad texture. Mechanism systems provide great advantages for providing back support and comfort. Mechanical beds are both useful and stylish in design. Mechanical beds, offered with a wide range of products, provide the advantage of practical use in places such as student homes, hotels, kindergartens and hotels. It does not take up much space in small houses and rooms with its folding feature. It can only be opened and used as a bed when going to bed. Thanks to its mechanism feature, it folds and takes up less space.

Mechanism Bed Prices

When you want to use functional products in your home, you can choose beds or armchairs with mechanisms. Prices of bed models vary depending on the structure and quality of the mechanism system and the design features of the bed. On the category page, you can sort the products according to mechanism and bearing features. Prices are different for each model and prices can be sorted according to budget.

Special Mechanical Seats for Guests

For one person Thanks to sofa models that can be turned into a bed, you can solve the bed problem for both yourself and your guests. You can instantly transform armchairs with motor mechanisms and bed features into bed form for your guests. While examining the product models on the category page, you can obtain a lot of information such as the mechanism structure of the product, closed and open dimension information, material structure and quality, and price information.

Mechanical Sofa and Bed Designs

Sofa and bed designs are made entirely with quality and comfort in mind. smart furniture Their products attract great attention due to their design features. Metal, wood, fabric and sponge products are used in mechanical sofa and bed models. These products provide you with the needed bed model with useful and stylish designs. When examining the products in the bed category, you should pay attention to the features of the mechanism system as well as the design and dimensions. Quality mechanism will provide the advantage of long-term use and comfortable use.

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