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  • Vertical Opening Metal Frame Economical Folding Wall Bed
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bed frame It is one of the household items that you sleep on by placing a mattress on it. Structurally, they are made of wood or metal. bed frame The word is taken from the Venetian word cariola, meaning portable bed. These are products that can be applied in any desired design, which may vary depending on the type of production, and are produced for people to have a comfortable sleep.

smart furniture Today, there are companies in this class that produce beds. Although bed bases, which provide storage space if produced as a bed base, are among the most preferred types, the functions of the bed and the bed base are the same.

Single and Double Bed Models

For one person The beds produced are products that are measured by determining a person's sleeping area and produced in line with these measurements. Since the bottom part is not in the shape of a chest, unlike bases, there is no possibility of storing items. Generally for one person The dimensions of the beds produced are 90 x 190 cm. The bed size, which is frequently preferred in cases where only one person will use it, is determined in this way. However, as an alternative, it can also be produced in 80 x 180 cm.

double The bed model is made larger than a single bed and is produced by calculating the space required for two people to sleep comfortably. Double bed models are produced in different sizes, from the starting size of 140 x 190 cm to 180 x 200 cm. It is effective in making beds have a more beautiful and aesthetic appearance, thanks to the side frames placed on the bed model made of wood, metal or wrought iron materials.

What should be taken into consideration when choosing a bed frame?

Height is one of the first things people pay attention to when choosing a bed. Old style beds were produced high off the ground to make them look ostentatious. Over time, beds closer to the ground were produced and the beds shown in modern classrooms began to appeal more to the eye. 

Since classic beds are produced higher than the ground, cleaning the bottom of the bed is easier. Modern beds, on the other hand, may cause difficulties in cleaning since they are produced close to the ground. The quality of the bed is determined by the durability of the material used in its production. Base models generally have a shorter lifespan due to their fabric and leather coating.

How to Identify a Quality Bed?

The quality of bedsteads can be determined by the durability of the type of material used during production. Beds produced only with leather and fabric will be less durable than metal and wooden beds, causing individuals to turn to new purchases in the short term. Beds with a solid frame are known to be of higher quality.

Can a base be added to the bed?

Although individuals who purchase a bed have the option of adding a base in the future, this will not be the right choice. These are operations that should not be done because, in case of a later addition, the aesthetic appearance of the bed will be damaged and a rough appearance will be created.

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