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Tiny House is a system that has become very popular lately due to its usefulness in many aspects such as its small size, portability and customizable design. It also attracts attention because it can be placed in the desired location as a prefabricated system, not like normal construction. It is used not only for purchasing but also for rental purposes.

What kind of system is Tiny House?

People who love traveling and nature can customize their Tiny Houses according to their own personal tastes. practical products You can buy it designed with or directly ready-made. Prices; It varies depending on its quality, size and usability.

Is Tiny House Useful?

As the name suggests, Tiny House is much smaller than normal prefabricated buildings. Interior designers who work to create a useful home system in a small area practical products is developing. These; openable wall beds, can be converted into a bed with a drawer system sofas, tables that can be opened and closed and do not take up space, bed framecabinets, cabinets under the stairs, etc. Products with different systems continue to be developed in order to use narrow spaces with the highest capacity.

For families with children, they are placed in tiny bedrooms in the form of balconies accessed by stairs within the floor. bedstead And bunk beds is being done. In terms of its portability, it can be transported with the help of a 81 truck and, thanks to its wheeled system, it can be placed at the desired location without laying the ground like prefabricated. Those who want to use it as a summer house can place it wherever they want.

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